We’ve all tried to find the best contact form plugin for WordPress.  Some are really easy to use in the backend, but have limited options, others look nice for the website visitor, but have a really complicated backend where you have to create a field, then separately create field options, connect those options to the field… etc…

Personally, I’m a big fan of drag and drop for my ease and for the ease of my wordpress clients, but more than just drag and drop features, if you’re doing ANY type of contact form on your wordpress website and/or collecting a paypal payment on form completion, you’ve gotta check out CP Contact Form with Paypal.  If you’re creating a form to collect a PayPal payment, stop whatever you’re doing and click here to download the plugin for FREE.  Upgrade options available to create forms without requiring paypal.

Pros to using CP Contact Form with Paypal for WordPress:

#1 Reason: Saved form submissions in the back end – Ever have a client lose a “Request A Quote” email and ask you to generate another? For most contact forms, once the fields are completed and the user hits submit, the form information gets sent to the destination email, but not saved on the server.  With CP Contact Form for Paypal, the information is saved in the WordPress Backed.

• Export form results by CSV – Read the above, and imagine clicking to export the completed submissions as a CSV.

• Drag and Drop backend – easily reorganize your field order or add a new field by selecting the field type and dragging it in place. (These screen shots have been taken from the actual plugin website here.)


• Multiple field types from file upload to phone number or email verification.

• Multiple pages settings – Have a large form? Rather than overwhelming your visitor with a REALLY LONG form, use page breaks, but still insert the form on a single page with a single short code.


• Setup for paypal submissions on form completion – you can specify if your user pays a flat amount for each submission (like ordering a single product online), if they fill out a field to specify their payment amount (like a donation) or by selecting multiples of a single cost (like purchasing 4 event tickets. You set the event ticket price and specify the quantity field as the multiplier) or a multiple choice of payment (ie. subscriber for 1 month at $X or 12 months at $Y.)

• Select whether the form sends a confirmation email the the visitor by specifying a form in the email as the Thank You for submissions.

• Specify instructions for the user per field that disappear on mouse click or appear on mouse over.

Cons to using CP Contact Form with PayPal for WordPress:

There have been some compatibility issues with WordPress Updates and certain themes (but not all).  The only feature I’ve seen affected by compatibility is that the email doesn’t get sent on form submission.  It means I’ve had to manually check the back end a few times for form submission (thankfully that functionality is built right into the plugin).

DW Booster has included a link to try a functioning install of the plugin.  Click here to give it a try.

See all of the features of the CP Custom Contact Form with Paypal and download the free version here.