Whether you’re a website designer, consultant or marketer, it’s pretty clear that your business needs a website, and so do your clients.  Just like we backup our computers (when we remember) it’s important to backup your website regularly.  This is something we’d all say “Yes, that’s a good idea.” but you’d be surprised how few wordpress website have a backup system on autopilot!

We would more than strongly recommend using BackupBuddy – WP backup, restore, migration plugin which gives you the option to send backups to an email address, FTP, DropBox, or BackupBuddy Stash (Backup Buddy’s own brand of cloud storage.) Backup-Buddy
More than autopilot backup, Backup Buddy will also let you migrate a site from one domain to another (for instance from a production domain where you’re rebuilding a client’s site to their actual domain when they’re ready to go live) or to make a manual backup of a site before upgrading wordpress or plugins.

As a designer, Backup Buddy has saved me hundred of hours in many actual cases:

1) My hosting server at the time had an expiring credit card on file and outdated contact information (yes, I’ve learned my lesson and that’s a different story).  When the card expired they shut down my hosting, and when the dust settled and they sorted everything out, the most recent restore they could do was 30 days old.

For sites that had changed since then, I removed their files and imported the latest backup from Backup Buddy’s server (BackupBuddy Stash)

2) A new client called me in because their current website showed a home screen that said “Hacked By Hayal” and I was able to win their design contract by showing them that we offered regular scheduled backups for their entire site.  If they were to get hacked again, whether through their WordPress install, through their server (or something different all together) I could restore their site within a few minutes to pre-hacked status.

3) A client wanted their current wordpress website laid out differently and customized with a new theme and some new plugins.  I made a backup of their current site using backup buddy, moved it to a subdomain that we build our new sites on and just customized the theme without having the rebuild their install, users / passwords, copy and paste content, etc.

These are just a few examples, but you can see how how this could apply to your business and clients. If you’re not a designer, you’ll look like a hero if you recommend Backup Buddy to a client with wordpress and they ever get hacked, need to restore content, their new employee deletes all of their blog entries by accident, server / hosting issues, etc…

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