Fire-Hose-Chat-ReviewFirehose Chat is perfect for clients who would like to connect with their online visitors (like live technical support, general engagement, etc.) or initiate engagement with users who are passively visiting your website.

The free version is a pop up chat window that allows users on your site to chat with you. Firehose offers an iOS and Android app which alerts you like a text message when someone posts in your chat window, and the OSX desktop version will let you know when someone is live on your site and where their IP is from.

Even if they haven’t opened the chat box yet, you can choose to engage with them by starting the chat yourself. The upgraded version of Firehose Chat allows you to remove the firehose branding, have multiple chat users, save your chat history and choose the colours and location of the chat window.

Firehose Chat Screen Shot
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Pros to using FireHose Chat for WordPress:

Firehose-Iphone-Mockup• “On Call” Chat feature.  You could be out for lunch, out of the office, or just working away and be notified when a visitor has a question. With the Premium version, you can see who on your team responded and how.

• Integrates seamlessly with iOS and OSX so you can start a conversation at your desk and walk away to continue to conversation on your iPhone or iPad (Android coming soon)

• Set “Do Not Disturb” hours when you’re not available.  Firehose automatically detects your DND status and removes the chat window from your wordpress website.  We all hate the automated message that says “We’re not available right now” or typing a question in a live chat and getting no answer, so Firehose handles this beautifully.

• Set DND while driving (A cool feature that automatically detects motion while driving or riding in a car to avoid distractions.  Rather than having to manually turn the app off / on you can instead use this feature to figure out when you’re available.

• Unlike other chat plugins, you can engage with users even before they’ve engaged with you.  Use the location information to start the conversation: “How’s the weather in San Francisco?” or “Bonjour! Ca va bien?” or “Do you know __________? He’s one of our best clients and he lives in your city!”

Cons to using FireHose Chat for WordPress:

With all of the features built into firehose (like taking down the chat windows from your website during DND hours and mobile app integration.) it’s hard to find a reason not to give your customers to opportunity to engage with you. If you can take time out during your day to respond to a text message, you can offer your visitors the opportunity to engage with you on firehose chat. Some industries may not allow for that level of flexibility. (You wouldn’t want users trying to place a takeout order in a chat window during your lunch time rush.)

Visit to download the free version and see the functionality of the premium options!