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We’d love to hear from you, answer any questions, and secure your website so you can sleep better while the boss isn’t looking.


Thumbs-Up-Guy-facing-leftOur services include:

  • Updating your WordPress software (including plugins, themes and wordpress core)
  • Making regular backups of your website to an off-site server
  • Updating your existing content design and layout monthly
  • Setting up and monitoring security plugins to block malicious users from logging in
  • Internal and External malware scans to reduce the risk of your site files being modified to host a virus
  • Dashboard video tutorials on how to use your wordpress website
  • Plenty of sizzling bacon puns
  • Letting you sleep well between conference calls knowing your website is backed up and protected.

Currently we have 68 clients using Bacon Saver Packages! Be the first to know when this service is publicly available by filling in your email address below!