Q: How can I tell if my website is built with wordpress?

Answer: Check out IsItWP.com and put in your website address.  It’s quick, easy and it’s free!

Q: What does the 30-day money back guarantee mean?

Answer: If you’re not happy within the first 30 days after signing up, let us know and you’ll receive a complete refund – no fees, no penalties.


Q: Am I locked into a plan or contract?

Answer: There is no minimum contract and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.


Q: What is included in my Business Bacon Saver 1 hour / month or Premium Bacon Saver 2 hours / month technical, design and content updates?

Answer: An hour worth of restoring previous backups, sizing and uploading new photos, changing your service hours, adding a new page, removing outdated information, changing background images or colors, installing a new plugin, configuring code that doesn’t look quite right or whatever else your website needs within your 1 or 2-hour timeframe. If you need additional updates / changes, we’ll quote you on your complete project.


Q: Can I use the Bacon Saver service if I have a website that’s not wordpress?

Answer: No, our processes and software is specifically for wordpress.  If you have a website that is on a different system that you’d like converted to wordpress, request a complimentary quote through our parent company Fresh Idea Websites and then we can offer the Bacon Saver Service with your new wordpress website.

Q: I would like to have my website redesigned. Can you help with that?

Answer: We can through our parent company Fresh Idea Websites.  Click here to request a quote on your project.


Q: I’m a DIY person.  Can you tell me all of your secrets and I’ll do it myself?

Answer: Yep, click here.